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Finding of Factual Innocence

In a variety of situations, an individual accused of a crime may petition for a finding of factual innocence.  The benefit of this remedy is that arrest records must be destroyed pursuant to the order.  This remedy is the closest thing to a time machine available in the law.  You can cause even a booking record to be purged from law enforcement databases should you be afforded this particular brand of relief.  It is less likely to occur in cases where a criminal charge was actually filed which resulted in something other than an acquittal by a judge or jury. 

In cases where an individual is arrested, but where criminal charges were never filed, the individual may petition for the destruction of the arrest records.  In cases where the charges against the individual were dismissed, and especially where the court rendered a formal finding that they were "not guilty" (aka, an "acquittal"), a finding of factual innocence may follow. 

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