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Arrested in I.V.?

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Aggressive Defense of MIP, DUI, Drunk In Public & Other Charges

If you have been arrested (or otherwise cited for any law violation) in Isla Vista or on the UCSB campus, you need to speak to a lawyer right away. The Law Offices of William C. Makler, P. C. offers a free, immediate and confidential consultation to any person in these circumstances.

Don't just assume that it's no big deal and/or that you will be treated fairly in court. If you care about your future you owe it to yourself, and your family (perhaps), to carefully consider what may be the impact on you (especially in the long-term) of incurring a criminal conviction, license suspension, etc. MIPs, DUIs, Public Intoxications, Fake ID's, Furnishing Alcohol to Minors, Possession of Marijuana and matters more serious, carry severe, yet often avoidable, consequences. Call 805-892-4922 (or send a message at right) to discuss your options with a qualified lawyer today!

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Students arrested in I.V. (and their loved ones) often have questions about the criminal justice process and possible repercussions. Check out our FAQ to find answers to the most common of these questions.


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