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Have You Been Charged with a Drug Crime?

Contact us. We can help. Being accused of selling or possessing drugs can lead to terrible and long-lasting consequences. Being found guilty of many of these charges can lead to jail time, a hefty fine and an indelible criminal record. If you are facing one or more drug charges it is imperative that you obtain the help of a skilled attorney as soon as possible, to ensure that your rights are not abused. You need an experienced Santa Barbara drug possession lawyer fighting for you.

Contact our law firm today, or use the confidential form to the right to gain a better understanding of what you are facing and what a skilled criminal defense lawyer can do to make it better. There is no charge for the initial consultation.

Criminal defense attorney William C. Makler has more than 23 years of experience defending against drug possession charges on the Central Coast of California. He is familiar with both federal and California drug laws, which protect the accused—among other things—from unlawful arrests and illegal searches and seizures. Other illegal practices by the authorities can mean a constitutional violation of your rights, and result in the exclusion of evidence, or the dismissal of your case entirely.

If you believe you are being watched by law enforcement due to suspicion of drug sales, or if there is already a warrant for your arrest, contact us immediately. All calls and contacts are completely confidential. The initial consultation is free of charge and, of course, it is risk-free.

We Have Substantial Experience Defending Against Drug Charges
At the Law Offices of William C. Makler, P.C. we have more than 50 years of experience defending individuals against serious drug charges, including:

Pursuing Alternatives to Incarceration

In addition to identifying all the viable legal defenses you may have, we will determine whether or not you are eligible for potential drug treatment programs which may reduce or eliminate any potential jail time you might otherwise serve and may allow you to walk away with little to no long-term negative impacts.

Examples of such alternatives to ordinary prosecution include:

Call Santa Barbara drug possession lawyer, William C. Makler now at (805) 892-4922 for a free, no obligation, consultation. Or, if you prefer it, you may fill in your contact information and a description of what criminal legal problem you may need help with in the contact form to the right and Mr. Makler will get back to you as soon as possible and frequently within a few minutes.



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